Dinosaur National Monument

Today is the 96th birthday of Dinosaur National Monument, designated in 1915. The area is named, of course, for the dinosaurs that once roamed the area. The Monument is known for camping and rafting, in addition to its fossil finds. Just in time for their birthday, today the Monument is celebrating the grand re-opening of their exhibit hall after a 5-year renovation. The exhibits feature over 1500 dinosaur bones, including those of a newly-discovered herbivore, Abydosaurus mcintoshi. Visitors to Dinosaur National Monument will also want to be sure to travel along the area’s designated Colorado byway, Dinosaur Diamond. (See Colorado: The Official Guide to Scenic and Historic Byways, available from our library).

If you’re interested in the history of the buildings of the Monument, check out the Colorado Historical Society’s publication Dinosaur National Monument: Multiple Property Listing, available from our library. For general information on dinosaurs in Colorado, check out Dinosaur Remains in Colorado and Dinosaurs in our Backyard (CD-Rom), both also available from our library.