Colorado's Own Tartan

Today is National Tartan Day.  Did you know that Colorado has a state tartan?  According to information from the State Archives, the Colorado tartan, or plaid pattern, “is comprised of a pattern and colors that symbolize Colorado’s splendor and history.” The colors of the tartan include forest green, cerulean blue, black, lavender, and white – colors that bring to mind evergreen trees, blue sky, columbines, and snowy peaks. Although it is a Celtic tartan, Colorado’s pattern may be worn by “any resident or friend of Colorado,” even if they are not of Celtic heritage.  To read the original 1997 House Joint Resolution designating the official Colorado tartan, click here.  Although April 6 is National Tartan Day, a previous resolution designated July 1 as Colorado Tartan Day — giving you two chances to wear your Colorado colors!