Colorado’s Budget

The Colorado budget bill known as the “Long Bill” was introduced yesterday. This is the annual bill presented by the Joint Budget Committee that is the state’s budget. The bill alternates each year between introduction in the House and the Senate; this year it is being introduced first in the House, which is debating it most of this week, and then it will move to the Senate later this week or early next week. Next year’s bill will be introduced in the Senate.

A copy of this year’s bill can be checked out from our library, or you can view it online. (To access the online version, find House Bill 08-1375 and click on the bill number. A screen will appear with the bill divided into sections for download.)

When the bill is signed into law, which usually happens in April, a copy of that will be available for checkout as well. We also have copies of all of the previous Long Bills and Long Bill Acts back to the 1970s, available for checkout.