Colorado Tourist Attractions

Next week, as thousands descend on Denver for the DNC, many will be looking for things to do and visit while here, and our library can help.

For visitors who are interested in historical sites:
The book Colorado Museums and Historic Sites is a very valuable tool. It gives descriptions of museums and sites across the state, along with contact information. Also, we have many guidebooks to the Colorado Historical Society’s museums statewide. See their website for a list of their many museums.

For visitors who want to experience the outdoors:
Our library has numerous hiking trail maps, parks guides, fishing and hunting guides, and more. Of note is Steppin’ Out with State Parks, with mini-maps of each Colorado State Park; and the annual Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide, just updated this summer, which can be checked out from our library.

For visitors interested in entertainment, dining, and nightlife:
There are numerous sites on the web for this kind of information, but one good place to start is the state’s official tourism website, This site is great for suggesting things to do in towns and cities across Colorado. There’s also lots of coupons and free passes! This site is useful for helping visitors plan whatever kind of vacation they’re interested in.

Of course, there are a million options, so check our web catalog for more ideas.