Colorado Recipes

You might not expect that a government documents library has any cookbooks, but we do have a few…with a Colorado theme.

One of our cookbooks, the Colorado Catch Cookbook, gives tips and recipes for what to do with that trout you caught or that elk you bagged. In 1963, the Colorado Historical Society also produced a cookbook, Pioneer Potluck: Stories and Recipes of Early Colorado, mixing education with cooking.

In 1988 the Deptartment of Health produced a few recipe books in an effort to encourage Coloradoans to eat healthier. Some of their titles include

  • Recipes for Dry Beans and Peas
  • Recipes with Kix Cereal
  • Recipes for High Calorie Nutritious Foods

Most of the rest of our cookbooks are put out by the CSU Cooperative Extension and, like Colorado Catch and Pioneer Potluck they are mostly Colorado-specific, offering high-altitude baking recipes. Some of the CSU Extension’s cookbooks include:


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  1. This is great information! Thanks for posting it. Every year we get questions about “colorado foods” from students and not everyone knows these resources are available.

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