Colorado Open Data

Did you know that the State of Colorado has a website where you can find open data from all of the state agencies? The Colorado Information Marketplace includes hundreds of datasets, maps, charts, calendars, forms, and other open data on a variety of topics. Check out the Information Marketplace to find statistics and data on:

  • Animal shelters and rescues
  • Businesses and trade names
  • Charity financial information
  • Child care facilities
  • Crime
  • Electric vehicle charging station locations
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Farmers’ market locations
  • Fire protection districts
  • Health
  • Health facilities
  • Higher education enrollment and degrees
  • Highway mileposts
  • Housing and rent
  • Library districts
  • Licensed professions and occupations
  • Lobbyists
  • Marijuana
  • Municipal boundaries and county seats
  • Natural gas prices
  • Parks and recreation
  • Petroleum releases
  • Population projections
  • Rain, hail, and snow
  • School performance
  • Traffic counts
  • Tax rates
  • Utilities
  • Water rights and well permits
  • Wildlife species
  • Zip codes

and much more. Data is sorted by category to help make it easier to find, but you can also view helpful video tutorials on the site that demonstrate how to sort, search, and filter datasets, create maps and charts, and use the data lens tool.

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