Colorado Geology

This weekend I visited Roxborough State Park for the first time. My hike along the trail brought views of spectacular rock formations and an interesting variety of flora and fauna. I learned to identify the Lyons, Fountain, and Dakota Formations. My visit sparked an interest in the geology of Colorado, so this morning I found the following items in our State Publications Library collection:

  • Geology of the Interstate 70 Road Cut, Jefferson County Colorado (HED4/2.2/P94/7)
  • Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology (NR12/20.2/M56)
  • Dinosaurs in our Backyard (NR12/20.2/D61/2005)
  • Geology of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A (NR7.2/D41/1982)
  • Guide to the Petroleum Geology and Laramide Orogeny, Denver Basin and Front Range, Colorado (NR12/20.3/51)

These and many other titles from the Colorado Geological Survey are available upon request.

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