Colorado Fireworks Safety, Rules, and Laws

This Friday will be the Fourth of July, and many people like to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks.  Be sure you know the rules about fireworks in Colorado, however, before you buy or use illegal fireworks.  It is also important to understand the fire safety risks of using fireworks.

Fireworks sales and displays are regulated by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.  If you are or would like to become a fireworks retailer or a pyrotechnics operator for professional shows, you can find the applications here.  The site also includes a permit application for a site to display fireworks, and listings of the rules and statutes regarding fireworks in Colorado.

The State has published several helpful resources for Coloradans about home use of fireworks.  Be sure to check out the Colorado Legislative Council’s Issue Brief, The Sale and Use of Fireworks in Colorado.  To find out about disposal of fireworks, click here for information from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Finally, many pets have a fearful reaction to fireworks.  For more on pets and fireworks, see this article from Colorado State University.