Colorado Complete Count Campaign

A new committee is being formed to increase awareness about the the 2010 census, and to encourage people to participate so that there will be an accurate count for Colorado. In addition to members of the legislature and representatives from state agencies, members of the community are also encouraged to apply for an appointment to the committee. Information about the “Complete Count Campaign” and application forms can be found in a press release from the Lt. Governor.

The executive order explains the importance of participating in the Census:
“This Census will determine how the national government distributes $300 billion annually to fund critical community services and generate jobs. It will also determine how many seats Colorado will have in the US House of Representatives, as well as determine the boundaries of legislative districts. Further, it will provide valuable information for both the state and nation as they make decisions regarding land use and resource planning, economic development, workforce development, health services planning, housing needs planning, and community needs planning.”

Additional information about Colorado’s participation in the 2010 Census can be found on the State Demography Office website.

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