Colorado Architects

You may be familiar with some of the historic architecture in Colorado, but how much do you know about the architects who designed the famous buildings?  You can learn about Colorado’s talented architects by visiting the State Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation’s Architects of Colorado Biographical Series.  Here’s some trivia with just a few interesting facts you can find in this helpful online resource:

1) Which future Colorado architect helped rebuild Chicago after the disastrous 1871 fire?
2) Which architect went broke in the panic of 1893 and died after being hit by a train?
3) Which architect is interred in the Fairmount Mausoleum, which he designed?
4) Who designed the plaza featuring the “hyperbolic paraboloid”?
5) Who designed the State Office Building (where the State Publications Library is located), as well as the courthouses for Weld, Jackson, and Moffat Counties?




1) Frank Edbrooke

2) William Lang

3) Frederick Mountjoy

4) I.M. Pei

5) William Bowman