Cleaning Up and Returning Home After Floods and Mudslides

Last September’s floods left many with difficult clean-up before being able to return home.  With the significant amount of burn areas in Colorado, floods remain a threat for this year, and Mesa County has already seen mudslides this spring.  If your home is affected, it can be overwhelming to think about all you need to do so that you can return to your home.  So, the State of Colorado has put together a new guidebook, After the Flood:  A Guide to Returning to Your Home and Cleaning Up from the Colorado Department of Public Health and EnvironmentThe guidebook addresses such topics as drinking water safety, mold prevention and treatment, sewage cleanup, food safety, debris disposal, well water, hazardous materials including asbestos, and more.  There’s even a discussion on how to dispose of dead livestock.  Finally, the guidebook lists resources you can contact to get help.  This is a handy guidebook for those who are cleaning up from the current mudslides, and for those living in potential flood regions.