Civil Rights

Did you know the State has a Civil Rights office? The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is located within the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and has produced a number of publications dealing with the rights of various groups and individuals in Colorado. Often when we think of civil rights we think of race; but there is much more to civil rights than just skin color. DORA’s civil rights division has produced publications on such varied topics as Pregnancy Discrimination; Hospital Billing and Collection Practices: A Formal Inquiry; and A Research-Based Assessment of the Disparity in Educational Achievement Between Black and White Students. Other publications by the Commission include information on job discrimination, housing discrimination, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, segregation, and civil rights law. Some of these publications were done in the 1960s at the height of the Civil Rights movement, and provide an interesting historical perspective.

Any of these items can be checked out from our library. Search “civil rights” in our web catalog. Also be sure to check the Colorado Revised Statutes for Colorado civil rights laws and legislation.