Child Abuse

Our library just received Child Abuse and Neglect: An Introductory Manual for Professionals and Paraprofessionals, 2006, a great resource from the Department of Public Health and Environment. Its purpose is to educate everyone about the width and depth of the issue of child abuse and neglect. It contains information concerning prevention, definitions (including signs), legal matters, as well as the reporting of child abuse and neglect in Colorado.

A search in our online catalog on child abuse turns up several dozen titles. More recent ones include:

Child Abuse: Information for School Employees, Colorado Department of Education, 2006

Child Abuse and Prevention, Colorado Department of Education, 2004

Preventing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: Guidance for School Personnel, Colorado Department of Education, 2002

Child Abuse and Neglect Cases in the Colorado Courts 1996-2000: a Reassessment, Colorado Judicial Branch, 2002

In addition, these titles, as well as related ones, can be borrowed in hardcopy from our library.

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