Carbon Monoxide: Be Aware of the "Silent Killer"

Carbon monoxide (CO) is often called the “silent killer” because it is a colorless, odorless gas that causes oxygen to be depleted from the bloodstream.  To avoid carbon monoxide poisoining, it is important to make sure your furnace, water heater, and other gas appliances are in good working order.  Don’t leave your car running in a closed garage.  And make sure you have plenty of ventilation when using wood or coal burning stoves.  One of the smartest ways to protect yourself is to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.  Often these are sold in combination smoke/CO alarms.  (New homes are required by state law to have CO alarms installed when constructed).  The Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management has released a new blog post with tips on how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and how to recognize the symptoms.  For more on the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of CO alarms, see the following resources available from our library: