"Be Bear Aware"

Bear-human interactions have been in the news lately, as they often are this time of year, as bears go on a feeding frenzy before settling down to hibernate for the winter.  I’ve written previously about the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife’s publication Living with Bears, but CP&W has recently produced some new publications on the topic, all of which can be found on their website, Be Bear Aware.  On this site you will find information such as Bear Proofing Your Home; Attracting Birds, Not Bears; Building a Secure Beehive; Bear Resistant Trash Containers; Camping & Hiking in Bear Country; Bear Encounters; and even Be Bear Aware information for children.  All of the information on the site is quick and easy-to-read; if you are planning on spending time outdoors or live near bear country, you may be glad you did.

Make sure your bird feeders are bear-proof!  Photo courtesy Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.