Baking Bread at High Altitude

High altitude baking can be a challenge for newcomers to Colorado and other mountainous states, and bread can be one of the more tricky items to bake at high altitude.  Altitude affects baking because of a change in barometric pressure.  Since some adjustments need to be made at these altitudes, including adjustments in temperature and amounts of flour, the Colorado State University Extension has released a number of publications over the years to help bakers achieve the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest bread possible.  The publications listed below, available from our library, include some historical publications that are not only fun to read, but contain some time-tested tips that can still be helpful today.  They also shed a light on the cultural importance of baking that has waned over the years as food staples are easily available in grocery stores.  Be sure to check out:

And, for more nostalgia, check out this 1924 publication:
Cleaning the Cupboard and Bread Box