Backcountry Survival

Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing, and snow sports are some of Coloradans’ favorite recreational pastimes.  Sometimes, however, unforeseen situations can lead you off the beaten path.  Every outdoors enthusiast should familiarize themselves with basic survival skills in case of emergency.  Even the most experienced mountaineers can become lost in a blinding snowstorm, or become separated from a group.  A great way to prepare yourself is by viewing the Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s survival videos.  Divided into 10 chapters, these videos teach you how to pack a survival kit; how to read maps and compasses; keeping yourself hydrated; starting a fire; signaling for rescue; suggestions for clothing and shelter; and even psychological tactics for controlling panic.

The webpage also includes links to read about situations such as hypothermia, and how to forage for food.  These articles are taken from the classic publication The Art of Survival by “Papa Bear” Whitmore.  You can access Papa Bear’s original 1991 publication online from our library.