1 in 3 Colorado Legislators On Their Way Out

The 2012 Session of the Colorado Legislature ends tomorrow, and with it about one third of the Legislators will be saying goodbye to the Capitol, according to an article in Sunday’s Denver PostThe article discusses how this is is the highest number of exiting lawmakers since 1998, when term limits were established.  This year, it is mostly due to redistricting.

If you’re researching Colorado legislative history, or are just interested in when a particular lawmaker’s term ends, the best place to start is the Colorado Legislative Council Library’s database, Legislators Past and Present.  Every person who has ever served in the Colorado General Assembly is included in the database, with their years of service and some biographical information as well as which committees they served on. You can also pull up a lists of each year’s legislators, or search by district, political party, or county.  This database is extremely helpful in starting your search on legislative history.  We also have “Pink Books” going back to 1972.  The “Pink Book” (called so because it is a pink book) is the annual directory of legislators published by the General Assembly during each session.  You can always contact our library for more information, including copies of laws passed by individual lawmakers, and more.