Resource Sharing Task Force: Overview

Colorado has a long and rich history of resource sharing and collaboration across public, school, academic, and special libraries, as well as community organizations.

In January 2016, library leaders from across the state came together to launch the Resource Sharing Task Force (RSTF), a group that aims to:

  • Identify statewide needs to help drive the planning of the Colorado State Library
  • Learn what Colorado libraries are already doing that could be resources for others
  • Help libraries connect with each other and with existing resources
  • Plan a statewide summit on resource sharing

Defining Resource Sharing

One of the first questions the RSTF asked was how we would define resource sharing. In library circles, resource sharing is commonly associated with interlibrary loan (ILL), and while we certainly wanted to include ILL and SWIFT in our discussions, we also wanted to think more comprehensively about the resources we can share. Therefore, in the context of this group we have adopted a broad definition of resources, which includes:

  • policies, procedures, and RFP documents
  • mission, vision, and goal statements
  • training resources
  • library program ideas
  • professional and informal networking opportunities
  • digital collections
  • continuing education resources
  • knowledge and expertise

RSTF Working Groups

We have identified working groups within the larger RSTF to address specific projects and topics.

ILL Working Group

Members of the ILL Working Group will meet to discuss interlibrary loan needs, processes, and technologies, including SWIFT.

Clearinghouse Working Group

Members of the Clearinghouse Working Group are addressing one of the highest needs items as identified by the RSTF: a clearinghouse for sharing a wide range of resources outside of traditional ILL materials. RSTF members felt it would be a valuable and a time-saving measure to share resources like policies, training materials, and RFP documents within a central repository.

The Clearinghouse Working Group began meeting in February 2016, with plans to complete the project by Fall 2016.

Future Work of the RSTF

The RSTF plans to meet quarterly to discuss how we can support statewide resource sharing needs. Future work identified by the group will be posted on this website. Our next meeting is April 20, 2016.


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