Spotlight on Sharing: Overview

Colorado libraries are great at sharing with their communities. We share traditional materials, like books and DVDs, and nontraditional materials, like e-readers and musical instruments. We share expert advice, technology support, and maker lessons. We share in many innovative ways within our communities, but sometimes we need help sharing with librarians across town or across the state.

That’s why the Colorado State Library is introducing Spotlight on Sharing, an initiative that increases the visibility of resource sharing happening in Colorado’s libraries. We want to help you spread the word about how your library is sharing and help you get ideas from other libraries. By opening key channels of communication, we can create a community of sharing across Colorado.

A book is just one kind of library resource

Library resource sharing has traditionally meant interlibrary loan (ILL), but we want to think bigger about resources. Sure, a book is a resource, but a resource is also anything that helps a patron, your community, or another library. Think of the possibilities! It could be an app you designed, a training manual, a collection policy for your seed library, a website, a digital archive, or your expertise as a quilter. When you think about it, your library is doing a lot of resource sharing—and other libraries want to learn from you.

How does Spotlight on Sharing work?

Old movie set image of megaphoneAt its core, Spotlight on Sharing is about communication.  The Colorado State Library will use its unique position to be a megaphone for resource sharing happening across the state, and in return we want to hear from you about how your library is sharing. Everyone communicates and learns different, which is why we will use several different channels to spread the word:

A weekly blog series featuring a resource sharing roundup. You can find it right here on Subscribe on the right-hand side of this page to get new posts like this one in your inbox.

A quarterly webcast series, with a rotating panel of librarians discussing resource sharing topics. Let us know if you want to be a panelist by filling out this short form.

A variety of professional and social networks, including mailing lists (like Libnet), state and regional conferences, members of the Resource Sharing Task Force, and other CSL partners. If you’re on Twitter, follow @hitchlib and use the hashtag #spotlightonsharing.

How can you get involved?

First, spread the word. Tell your staff and colleagues about Spotlight on Sharing. Encourage them to visit to see blog posts and webcasts. Twitter users can follow @hitchlib or use the hashtag #spotlightonsharing.

Second, if you see resource sharing happening, let us know! Tweet us, use this linked form, or email Amy Hitchner,

Finally, let’s keep the conversation going. If you try something that you learned from another library, share it. Your participation will help shine a spotlight on sharing.

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