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The Learning Edge Connection is a weekly series summarizing new professional learning events and opportunities, digital learning resources, and news from the education field.

Welcome back from your Spring Breaks!  Some of you are just returning and others have had a week or so back in the classroom and continue to work hard for your students.  Please share this 1st edition of the Learning Edge Connection with your colleagues!


NEARPOD  is an award-winning education technology that merges engagement-boosting multimedia elements with real-time student feedback, educator support and ready-to-teach digital content designed in partnership with respected publishers like Common Sense Education, PhET and Readworks. (theLearning Counsel)
Nearpod allows teachers to:
Create Content: –  create multimedia presentations with interactive features such as quizzes, videos, polls, drawing tools, and more.
Engage: –  Students receive curricular content, participate in activities and submit responses.
Assess: – Teachers view students’ answers in real time and can access post-session data and obtain detailed activity reports.  To read reviews and more info, go to EdShelf NearPod

Additional digital learning resources can be found at CVL  Digital Literacy

Libraries Under Attack  – CLiC Guide    CLiC has developed a guide to help the reader better understand these claims. It offers practical information, strategies, and facts for libraries and schools to use in discussing this topic with their local communities. Contact CLiC if you have any questions.

GLOBAL READING LISTS –  From the University of Arizona, global reading lists are offered through their site World of Words.

“Our students live in a global world. The opportunities we offer through literature in our classrooms can invite them into the richness of cultural diversity and global communities. To globalize the text exemplar lists that emerged from the Common Core State Standards, we developed global book lists of fiction and nonfiction books organized by grade level bands and measures of complexity.”

How Reading Novels in Math Class Can Strengthen Student Engagement 



Navy STEM for the Classroom – Virtual Field Trip

Watch now to hear the personal stories behind some of the Navy’s elite Sailors. From an F-18 pilot to an aircraft handler, students will get an exclusive look into the lives of those who serve and defend, while living on one of the greatest aircraft carriers ever built – the USS Nimitz.

  • Navy’s Elite STEM Workforce: Aboard the USS Nimitz
  • On Demand
  • Educator Guide


Review the Updated Essential Skills, (previously 21st Century Skills), were identified and described by hundreds of education, community and business leaders in the spring of 2016, and are an integral part of the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report. This guidance resource was developed by ensuring both the statutory skills (SB 08-212) and the talent pipeline report skills were included and defined for a common understanding.

CALLING ALL EDUCATORS!  April 14th 9-3   Do you want to hear from NASA experts about new and exciting NASA programs and projects? Do you want an opportunity to help shape future NASA education programs? NASA’s Space Technologies Mission will be coming to Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum for a free, day-long educator professional development opportunity. The event is free, but registration is required. Sign up at  Wings Over the Rockies

MINDSPARK LEARNING TEAM on May 17th, 5:30-7:30 pm in celebration of National Educator Appreciation Month, is bringing stand-up comedian and teacher Chris Voth to mindSpark Learning.  “We’re pumped to share some laughs with you, and can’t wait to see you there. Did we mention it’s free?” For more information and to register go to mindSpark Educator

InnEdCO 2018‘s first-ever Digital Literacy Academy is June 11, 2018, in Keystone. Learn strategies to implement innovative learning opportunities for students. InnEdCO organizes the premier statewide conference helping educators and leaders integrate technological tools to develop the skills students need to be successful in the 21st Century.

Registration for the June 11th, one-day academy is $60.

SPEAK AT FETC!   FETC 2019 ( Jan. 27-30), is accepting proposals until April 30, 2018. FETC provideS a complimentary conference registration to all accepted lead presenters (one per session).  Submit your proposal at FETC Request For Proposal

EdTech Team Google for Education Summits

Coming to Aspen, Four Corners, and Colorado Springs!    


 Common Sense Media Family Dinner Project
Looking for a way to bring families in your community together and have interesting relevant conversations about social media and technology? Host a Community Media Dinner!  Invite families to join an evening filled with adults and kids sharing perspectives, discussing hot topics, and learning more about each other’s experiences.  Use the handbook linked above to plan your community evening!  Check out more resources at CommonSense Connecting Families

Don’t forget to read the SPARK newsletter from Colorado Commissioner, Katy Anthes.

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