Spark Mindset Cyberspace Remote Camps

Spark Mindset offers educational programs to give kids – particularly kids of color and girls – opportunities to learn and earn credentials in the field of cybersecurity. Beyond enriching in-school and out-of-school time through game-based learning, Spark Mindset creates opportunities for economic mobility by increasing the number of kids of color and girls who find their way in a predominantly white, rapidly growing tech field.

“Spark Mindset CyberSpace Remote Camps are teaching middle and high school students subjects like cyber ethics, cyber awareness, hacker’s mentality, both OSI and TCP/IP models, and so much more through our four live remote camps. Our camps are fun, meaningful, and full of thought-proving activities. Each camp has four to five 50 minute modules. Students have one to three weeks to complete a camp. Students will gain a certificate after each camp and a chance to earn a $10 gift card. virtual reality.”

Spark Mindset will provide:

  • Instructors who have been trained to teach remote learning
  • Live and engaging modules
  • Interactive activities

Camp Schedule:

  • Intro to Cybersecurity
    • Starting on June 1 each Monday a new cohort will start
  • Network Fundamentals
    • Starting on July 13 each Monday a new cohort will start

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