Shine-a-Light: Spotlight on Innovative Practices

Teacher Librarians Shine

CU Denver’s LDT-Library Program and Colorado State Library have partnered in a new series of webinars, Shine-a-Light: Spotlight on Innovative Practices.

The first session, on October 19th,  featured Tasha Tolbert, Teacher Librarian & Learning Coach.  Tasha shares her education passion and discusses her innovative role as a Learning Skills Coach. You are sure to be inspired!  To view the first webinar in the series visit the Zoom recording at Shine-a-Light. The password is 19Oct20.

Earn Professional Development Credit

You can earn an hour of professional development credit, by watching the recording and submitting a reflection to Laura Summers at CU Denver or Becky Russell at the Colorado State Library. Use the following questions as a prompt for your reflection:

  • What are some of the strategies or tools that you would like to try in your library/school?
  • What are some questions you still have after listening to our Learning Coach webinar?

There’s More!

“We care about what you think and would like to hear your feedback. Please complete our feedback survey.”  – Laura & Becky

Look for an upcoming announcement for the next Shine-a-Light webinar in November!

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