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Campaign Launch 2020

Colorado READ Act

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) was passed by the Colorado legislature in 2012, giving the state the guiding philosophy, structure, and resources to get children reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

In 2019, the law was updated requiring a public awareness campaign that emphasizes the important role parents and caregivers play in helping children learn to read.  The campaign has been launched with a website filled with resources and information for parents. Be instrumental in sharing the importance of reading with parents and families.

Food. Water. Shelter. Love. Reading

“Working together, we can raise parents’ awareness of the importance of reading with their children and empower them to support their children’s reading progress. Like food, water, shelter, and love, reading is just as essential for helping kids thrive. And it’s never too early to start.”  (ReadWithMe).

Supporting the Campaign

You can help remind parents and caregivers that they are their child’s first teachers and encourage them to make reading an essential activity from Day One. “It’s one small step that can have a huge impact on a little one’s life.”

Support the campaign and help families get reading right away by sharing the resources at ReadWithMe.Today.

Community Toolkits are available with posters and flyers

Parent Resources: Mobile Apps, Audio, Hands-on Activities & More!

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