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Solve It For Kids – the science podcast for curious and creative kids & their families

The Solve It For Kids podcast series focused on engineering, science, and the arts provides kids with the opportunity to listen, learn, & challenge themselves to solve problems. The hosts, Jennifer Swanson, (author, STEM & STEAM enthusiast) and Jed Doherty (Reading With Your Kids Podcasts) “get the scoop” directly from the experts on how they problem-solve in their really cool jobs.”

KIDS! Listen to the podcasts and get ready to take on the challenges presented to solve problems. When you (kids) participate in the weekly challenges, you are eligible to win a free book, (a different book every month!).  Resources and book lists accompany each episode for further investigation and fun learning!  “Remember kids, you’ve got what it takes to solve the world’s biggest challenges!” (Jennifer & Jed)

Episodes include questions such as How Do You Build an Underwater “Spaceship”?  and How Do You Compose Music that is as Big as the Universe?  You can listen to all episodes at Solve It For Kids Episodes

Next Episode: How Do You Build Teeth Out of Soap?  I am already wondering what this is all about!

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