Digital Collections Planning Group, Meeting Notes, November 2016

Members of the Digital Collections Planning Group met on November 17, 2016.  The following was discussed by the group.

Updates from the previous meeting

  • CAL/MPLA conference: The Colorado State Library shared hub information at the State Library booth.  A lightning round presentation about the Co-Wy DPLA hub initiative was also given.  
  • Technology meeting with DPLA: A few members of this group met with DPLA technology staff to review the proposed hub technology.  They were excited by the work and were encouraged by our proposed aggregation technology.
  • DPLA partnering with Pop-up Archive: Pop-up Archives provides audio transcriptions and other services at reduced prices for DPLA partners; including hubs that are still in the planning phases. 
  • Presentation to the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries: The Hub plan and model was presented to the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.   The group was very receptive and is open to being part of the hub.

Review of Hub application draft

The group reviewed and commented on the hub application draft.  The goal is to submit the application to DPLA before the new year.  After the application is accepted by DPLA  it will be a least six months before hub content is live in DPLA.  In the next 3-6 months there will be more in-depth discussions about how each institution can participate in support of the hub.  

Colorado-Wyoming Hub name

The group discussed potential hub names that would best represent both Colorado and Wyoming while at the same time indentifing the Hub within the larger DPLA community. The top three possibilities were: Square States Collective, Plains and Peaks Collective, Colorado-Wyoming Collective.

Next steps

  • Send out Poll for potential hub name
  • Complete hub application 
  • Send out final draft to group for review
  • Submit hub application by January