Digital Collections Planning Group Meeting Notes, May 2016

The Digital Collections Planning Group (DCPG) met for the first time on May 2, 2016. (Learn more about this group) The group initiated conversation in the following areas:

Structure of Colorado Wyoming Service Hub

While there in no one-size-fits-all-states service hub model for the DPLA, there are many things that can be learned from and adapted from other state service hubs. The DCPG discussed three different state models; the Mountain West Digital Library, the Pennsylvania Digital Collections Project for DPLA and the Empire State Digital Network. Key areas of further discussion and research for our service hub arose from this discussion.

  • Funding and Sustainability – this includes current and future funding, staffing, institutional commitment, in-kind support, and membership models
  • Partnerships and Participation – this includes levels of participations, services provided, participant roles and breadth of institutional representation
  • Metadata and Technology – Metadata standards, inventory of systems currently used and development of aggregation tool

Application Overview

Service hub applications are accepted by the DPLA on a rolling basis. The DCPG is required to meet with DPLA Director of Content prior to the submission of a service hub application. We have tentatively set a meeting for September 27, 2016. The service hub application can be found here.

Shared Goals

The DCPG began a discussion on shared core goals for a Colorado Wyoming Service Hub. Key goals that rose to the top include:

  • Increase access to Colorado and Wyoming collections by making them accessible on a national level
  • Become a conduit to DPLA
  • Level the digital collection playing field by providing services to smaller institutions
  • Enhance cultural tourism

Next Steps

  • Working groups will be established to address key service hub structures
  • Identify possible funding sources
  • Create a state assets inventory

If you want more information about the DCPG contact Leigh Jeremias, Digital Collections Coordinator, Colorado State Library,