Digital Collections Planning Group, Meeting Notes, June 2016

The Digital Collections Planning Group (DCPG) met on June 15, 2016. (Learn more about this group) The group discussed following:

Updates from previous meeting

  • Prior to submitting a DPLA Hub application the group is required to meet with DPLA staff.  The group will be meeting with Emily Gore, DPLA Director of Content on September 27, 2016 to discuss the hub application process and a Colorado and Wyoming Service Hub structure.
  • Working groups have been formed and include representation from outside of the DCPG.  These groups are:
    • Metadata – This group will work on determining metadata standards and mapping as they relate to Co/Wy Service Hub and DPLA. The group will also determine metadata crosswalks from various systems and standards as well as data clean-up workflows.
    • Technology – This group will work on determining the most appropriate havestor/aggregator tool as it relates to Co/Wy service hub and DPLA. They will also work on testing and implementation of tool and determine gathering of metadata and ingest workflows.
  • Trevor Owens, IMLS Program Coordinator has agreed to speak with the DCPG about two possible IMLS proposal.


It was determined that a Colorado and Wyoming digital landscape survey would help inform decisions on the structure of the Co/Wy Service Hub.  The questions are meant to offer insight into the nature of digital collections and the digital resources available in both states.  A draft list of questions was sent out prior to the meeting.  During the meeting the questions were discussed and agreed upon.

Next Steps

  • Evaluate resources and services that may be needed for a Co/Wy Service Hub.
  • Potential Funding sources will be further invested by members of the group. Findings will be presented at the next meeting.
  • The Colorado and Wyoming Digital Landscape Inventory survey will be sent out prior to the next meeting with results presented at that time.