Digital Collections Planning Group, Meeting Notes, August 2016

The Digital Collections Planning Group met on August 1, 2016.  The following areas were discussed:

Updates from previous meeting

  • MPLA/CALCON16: Information about the DPLA and our hub efforts will be shared at the Colorado State library booth at the MPLA/CAL Conference being held in Loveland, October 20 – 22nd.  A few representatives from the DCPG will assist with the DPLA section of the booth.
  • Working groups progress:
    • The Metadata Working Group has started a working doc to establish the fields that will be used by our hub. Research into other state hubs was done to establish a starting point. The next steps include drafting best practices and examples for each field.
    • The Technology Working Group met for the first time in late June.  Work has continued on a Library Linked Data/BIBFRAME-based  pilot spearheaded by Colorado College.  Test records have been supplied by working group members.
  • Funding:  The group’s funding research was reviewed and discussed.  More potential funding sources were discussed and added to the list of possible sources.  More decisions need to be made about the hub structure before these possibilities can be acted upon.  

Colorado Wyoming Digital Landscape Survey

The group reviewed and discussed the survey results.  We had 144 responses from cultural heritage organizations in Colorado and Wyoming.  The results reveal that many institutions are in favor of a DPLA service hub.  The results also reveal that our states have many resources at hand including equipment and expertise, that many of the respondents are willing to share.  The information discovered from the survey will guide our hub structure.

Next Steps

  • Map out hub structure and include different scenarios based on potential hub resources.
  • Create descriptions of highlight collections to be used for Hub application and potential funding applications.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for late September with DPLA staff.