Golda Meir: Prime Minister of Israel

When: 1898-1978

Where: Denver, CO

Golda MeirWhy Important: Prime Minister of Israel


A child of Jewish parents, Golda was born in Kiev, Russia. The family migrated to America when Meir was nine.1 Determined to get an education, Meir ran away from her parents’ home in Milwaukee to live with her sister in a Jewish neighborhood in Denver, where she enrolled in high school. It was in Denver that she discovered Zionism.2  Enthralled by society’s debate over gender roles, the Social Zionist movement, and the future for Jewish people, she married Morris Meyerson in 1917. They soon sailed for Tel Aviv. Meir moved quickly up the political ladder and eventually became secretary of the Women’s Labor Council. In 1948 she helped write the Israeli Declaration of Independence.3 At age 70, Meir became Israel’s fourth prime minister.

Content Date: Jan. 1, 1898 to Jan. 1, 1978

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