Newspaper Digitization: New and Lower Prices!

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) has recently lowered its pricing for digitizing newspapers and adding it to the free-to-use online collection.  Currently CHNC has over 900,000 pages of historic newspapers from over 200 titles representing 54 of the 64 Colorado counties; with more always on the way.  The new prices for the following processes are:

  1. Digitization of newspapers on existing microfilm – .85 cents per page
  2. Microfilming of original newspapers and digitization of that film- $1.10 per page
  3. Digitization from original newspapers- $1.60 per page
This is a .15 cent reduction in prices to include historic newspaper content in CHNC. Same great service just lower prices.  For this price you get:
  • Estimates that are customized to fit your budget and your timeline
  • Digitization of your chosen titles and years
  • Processing of those digitized files that includes article segmentation, creation of METS/ALTO metadata (international standard) and OCR conversion.
Please contact me at  if you have any questions about our process, our new pricing or a potential project.