Upcoming RIPL Webinar – Voter Perceptions of Libraries: Results and Methodologies of the 2018 From Awareness to Funding Study

Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 12:00-1:00 Mountain

What motivates people to vote in favor of library funding? OCLC posed this question a decade ago, which led to the 2008 report, From Awareness to Funding, which provided ground-breaking insights into voter support for libraries. Ten years later, OCLC and ALA partnered to conduct a follow-up study to understand what may have changed in voter attitudes and behaviors over the past decade. In this webinar, the OCLC research team will discuss the key results, suggest areas for action, and then will describe the methods used to create the survey, collect and analyze the survey data.

Presenters:Sharon Streams, WebJunction/OCLC, Janet Hawk, OCLC, and Peggy Gallagher, OCLC

Connection Information:

You do not need to register for this free webinar. Please note that it is limited to the first 100 participants. It will be recorded and the archive will be available afterward at ripl.lrs.org/webinars.

Audio will be via VOIP. You can listen to the webinar with a USB headset or your computer speakers.

In advance of the meeting, please run through the connection test:


Access the meeting room online at https://enetlearning.adobeconnect.com/ripl/

Please enter your name as you log in as a guest.

Please consider logging in to the meeting 5-10 minutes in advance to make sure we can troubleshoot any technical issues, and not take time away from our session to do so.

For more information, visit: https://ripl.lrs.org/blog/webinar/voter-perceptions-of-libraries-results-and-methodology-of-the-2018-from-awareness-to-funding-study/

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