The Book Club Resource is Now Operational!

We are now accepting holds on Book Club Resource sets. We have been busy revitalizing the collection in these past months, and we plan to feature some of our new acquisitions in the near future here on the Colorado Virtual Library website.

If you are already enrolled in the Book Club Resource, you can still use the same account you always used. Here is a refresher on requesting book club sets.

If you are not yet a member, but are interested in receiving book club sets for your library, you can enroll here.

The only requirement for receiving a book bag is that you must be a current active user of the CLiC courier service, meaning your library is receiving deliveries from the courier.

As we restart this program, please note that book club sets may take a little longer than usual to arrive and that, although we are circulating book club sets, we are generally not allowing holds on our resource kits. Please visit the kits website for more information.

Please email with any questions or concerns.