State Library Presentations at CLiC Pueblo

Colorado State Library staff will be giving several presentations at this year’s Colorado Library Consortium Spring Workshop in Pueblo, April 25 & 26. Here is a handy list. We will update this post to include links to slides and supporting materials as presenters make them available.

See the CLiC website for more information about the Workshop, and a complete program.

Monday, April 25

Session 1

“Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner’s Guide”
-Linda Hofschire [ slides ]

“Helping Seniors Stay Safe and Healthy”
-Amy Zimmer & Samantha Hager [ handout ]

“So you want to support re-entry? Developing awesome library programs to support re-entry initiatives!”
-Steve Bennett

“The Power to Delight: Providing extraordinary service”
-Christine Kreger & Kieran Hixon

Session 2

“Resource Sharing: SWIFT and Courier Updates”
-Sharon Walker (CLiC) & Lori Smith (CSL)

“Win the Yes!: Creating Proposals Your Corrections Manager Can’t Deny”
-Diane Walden

Session 3

“The right tool for the job: tech tools that help your patron succeed”
-Kieran Hixon [ website ]

“Supercharging Your Website’s Analytics Data”
-Dave Hodgins [ slides ]

“Cool Things Happening in CDOC Libraries”
-Steve Bennett

Session 4

“Correctional Libraries: Hands On! Wrangle Your EOSweb Authority Files”
-Renée Robbins

“Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection: New News!”
-Leigh Jeremias (CSL) & Linda E. Pfeiffer (University of Northern Colorado) [ presentation (Google Slides) ]

Session 5

“Graphic Design 101”
-Ashley Kazyaka [ presentation (Google Slides) ]

“Sharing and Transforming: Subtle Shifts That Are Making a Difference!”
-Becky Russell & Casey Veatch

Tuesday, April 26

Session 1

“You Should Totally Present About That”
Amy Hitchner [ presentation (Google Slides) ]

Session 2

“We Need To Talk: Overcoming the fear of having a difficult conversation”
-Jean Marie Heilig [ slides (pdf) ; resources (doc) ]

“Learning from Your Patrons: An Introduction to User Research”
-Babi Hammond [ slides (pdf) ]

“Check Out Colorado State Parks”
-Beth Crist

“Correctional Libraries: Information Literacy Skills and YOU”
-Renée Robbins

Session 3

“Hot Topics in Department of Corrections Libraries”
-Diane Walden

Session 4

“Feast or Famine”
-Sandy Messick (CLiC) & Jacqueline Murphy (CSL)

“When You are Engulfed in Flames: Recognizing and overcoming job burnout”
-Jean Marie Heilig [ slides (pdf) ; resources (doc) ]

“Correctional Libraries: Manage to Get Along with Non-Library Supervisors”
-Renée Robbins


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