Register Now for Deconstructing Equity with Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

June 11 @ 2:00-4:00 pm (online)

The State Library is thrilled to partner with the Equity Project to provide a 2-hour workshop on Deconstructing Equity!

Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, Chief Catalyst of The Equity Project, will help attendees explore the multi-faceted world of diversity, equity and inclusion in an environment that promotes sharing, learning and transformation.

When: Thursday June 11 from 2-4 PM

Where: We will use Zoom for this session. The link will be forwarded to all those who are registered a few days before the workshop. Due to the anticipated popularity of this workshop, we are limiting the session to 2 staff from each library District/organization.

Workshop Objectives

  • Deconstruct the definitions of diversity, inclusivity, equity, equality, and fairness in a way that allows for a better understanding of bias and the continuum of equity.
  • Discuss what it takes to build systems of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Use the Continuum of Equity model, we will discuss the variety of ways our work and interactions show up in each “lane.”
  • Explore how our personal power shows up as we explore equity.
  • Discuss and explore the impact of language on systems of equity.
  • Learn a variety of tips & tools for how to manage/navigate/evaluate in a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework.

To register for this workshop, please email Christine Kreger directly at

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