Library Learning & Creation Center…Refreshed!

The Library Learning & Creation Center website has a new look! As we work to expand this website to become a portal for your library continuing education needs, we decided to start with a face-lift.

Don’t worry, we still offer wonderful, self-paced learning modules on Customer Service and Technology Training, as well as curriculum you can use to train both staff and the public on a variety of technology topics.

In addition, we have updated the Makerspace content and added a brand new area called Library 101. Here you will find information and resources related to core library topics and values including professional ethics, intellectual freedom, privacy, and copyright.

Over the next several months, we will be adding new content areas to the site based on our latest continuing education needs assessment results and direct feedback from library staff. Future content areas will include collection management, community engagement, programs, and services—to name a few!

So if you have not visited the Library Creation and Learning Center, or it has been a while, we invite you to stop by. Don’t forget to check out the Continuing Education Calendar to see which learning events are on the horizon.


Christine Kreger
Professional Development Consultant


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