Library Development
Annual Report
for 2017

Big numbers for 2016–17

11,383 participants in professional development (live)

8,200 participants viewing archives of our online sessions

1,812 consultations

Professional Development

The library development staff offer a variety of professional development opportunities throughout Colorado to those working in libraries. According to participant evaluations of the various general professional development opportunities offered in the 2016-17 funding year:

94% increased their knowledge of the topic

96% are likely to apply what they have learned

89% improved their ability to provide services to patrons

Aspen Institute’s Colorado Dialogue on Public Libraries

On May 25, 2017, the Aspen Institute hosted a dialogue with over 30 Colorado business, government, nonprofit, education, and library leaders to explore the changing role of libraries in a knowledge-based society, and how these highly trusted institutions can build smarter, healthier, and more resilient communities across the state.

The report Colorado Rising to the Challenge provides recommendations and identifies 10 opportunities for strengthening library-community partnerships and overall community resilience, and ways in which public libraries and other community organizations can work more effectively together.

Check Out Colorado State Parks

Manager of Barr Lake State Park at Anythink Brighton, displaying the Check Out Colorado State Parks backpack;

The Colorado State Library partners with Colorado State Parks and Wildlife and 298 public and college libraries throughout Colorado. With a library card, Coloradans can borrow, for one week, an outdoor backpack with state park pass and educational materials #CheckOutColorado.

298 partner libraries & average of 165 checkouts per week

Quotes from participants:

"The pass is wonderful and a great idea for any family unable to afford much of anything such as our family."
"When checking in to the park/our campsite, we got to have a really great conversation with the park ranger about new services in libraries and what a great partnership that was.
"We used the Colorado state flower guide to find out names of many different flowers." — Ruth, age 9
"I have been city-bound for way too long. I used to visit State Parks often. It has been so long (years) since I have been out in nature. Life has been tough lately, this was an unexpected surprise that filled my heart with joy and hope. Thank You!"

97% likely to recommend a visit to a state park

85% “This park experience helped us learn more about nature.”

94% changed their view of what libraries have to offer

Growing Readers Together

Through a grant from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation, the Colorado State Library (CSL) partners with 15 public libraries in south and eastern Colorado to undertake Growing Readers Together (GRT). This pilot project offers local support to informal Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) childcare providers to increase early literacy activities for the children in their care.

98% of FFN providers strongly agreed the early literacy suggestions from librarians were helpful in building literacy experiences for their children.

98% will continue to use the ideas offered by through the GRT program when spending time with the children in their care.

Over 94% of FFN providers thought the experiences with GRT were appropriate for the age of the children in their care.

Over 50% reported the literacy building guidance and activities were generally new to them.

FFN providers mentioned the following features as a benefit to participating in GRT:

  • You learned something you can share with the children in your care (91.3%).
  • You feel more confident to help the children in your care to learn (88.9%).
  • You will spend more time interacting with the children in your care (e.g. read, talk, sing, write, play; 91.3%).
  • You are more aware of available resources and services provided by the library (93.8%).
  • You will visit the library more often with the children in your care (87.7%).

One Book 4 Colorado

A statewide book give-away for 75,000 four year olds, One Book 4 Colorado involves public libraries throughout Colorado as well as partners with the Governor’s Serve Colorado and other partners and funders throughout the state. #OneBook4Co

Library staff surveyed agreed, strongly agreed –

98% the book giveaway helped their library promote reading among young children

88% the program provided an opportunity to reach out to other agencies interested in childhood education

76% participating children talked about the book with others

56% now more families view libraries as a resource for books and activities related to childhood reading

54% parents showed an increased awareness of the importance of childhood reading

50% the program brought new families into the library

"Have been loving reading “Mouse Mess” to my daughter this week! Thanks.
"Thanks @OneBook4Co and @JCPL! This 4yo loves her new book and loves reading in general! What a great program. – at Arvada Library"

Public Library Leadership

Colorado State Library offers leadership, standards, and professional development for public library directors and trustees. Of the board training, public library directors and trustees surveyed indicated …

96% rated the training as excellent or above average

71% indicated that they gained new knowledge

60% remarked that the new knowledge will aid them in improving their service to the public

"I am amazed at the scope of Jacqueline’s knowledge and expertise. We came away with our questions answered, and resources available to us."
"That was so helpful! I love how well you talk about complex legislative issues/bills in words the rest of us can understand."

School Library Leadership

The School Library/Digital Literacy Instructional Specialists empower educators to have the teaching skills needed to create meaningful, collaborative, and challenging learning opportunities so that their students can thrive in today’s world. Professional development participants surveyed indicated …

96% are likely to share what they learned with others

94% improved their knowledge on the subject

92% are likely to apply what they learned

"Loved the way we could look and share on what we wanted. Lots of great new ideas and ideas that can be used!"
"Engaging and interactive. Presenters (are) energetic and knowledgeable."

Statewide Summer Learning in Libraries

Because some students experience summer slide and summer is a great time for recreational reading, Colorado State Library is a member of a grassroots consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children at the lowest cost possible for public libraries. CSL also provides workshops for library staff, an online reading record for small community registration, and a teen video contest.

76% of survey respondents indicated that the summer reading resources met the library staff needs.

69% indicated that the resources will improve their libraries’ ability to provide services for the public

122 participants in workshops


"I've been looking more into community partnerships-there were some great ideas offered."
"I will share the resources with my colleagues so that we can research trends to inspire programs in our library."
"Great ways to bring more community involvement into the library."