Celebrate Teen Health Week, April 1-7, 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019 4:53 PM Celebrate Teen Health Week, April 1-7, 2019.  Here’s how you can support the physical and mental health of young people:

Join the Movement – 

Spread the word – 

  • Use these Sample Tweets:
  • Youth are the future! Spread the word about #TeenHealthWeek2019 in April and join us in improving the future of adolescent health! #TeenHealth #TAG42Mil
  • Join us this April for Teen Health Week! Check out the Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) Playbook, and learn more about how schools, clinics, and communities can foster healthy young people! @teenhealthweek #TAG42Mil

Be informed – 

  • Who are America’s Adolescents? Get the latest facts and figures about adolescents and their health at state and national levels. Find information on changing demographics and how adolescents spend their time.
  • Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) is a national call to action for organizations and individuals to prioritize activities that improve the health of America’s 42 million adolescents. You can make a difference by taking action – check out these resources to learn more about the recommended action steps and resources.

Share how you are observing Teen Health Week by completing the event form here and using #TeenHealth, #TAG42Mil, #TeenHealthWeek2019, and @teenhealthweek.